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  • Nice drink!

    I ordered this after searching the web for non prescriptive and non addictive drink for regular use to benefit my system and viola, I got this ACV at great price and got delivered within 3 and a half days to be exact. Nice strong flavor. I use it twice a day at morning and evening empty stomach with a glass of water and I must say I was having a little bit of heart burns recently but after using this ACV it completely disappeared. Thank you Healthkart team.

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  • Wow... for quick service

    Well, this WOW and 4-star rating for the quick service. Ordered last evening and here is the vinegar bottle in my hands this morning. Will start consuming from tomorrow onward and will see if it makes any difference in next on month. Will post an update then. Meanwhile, I have been doing some research on this vinegar and check various brands and looks this is the one that contains maximum potassium. More potassium may mean more diuretic effect. Not sure if everyone can consume this! My mother is on diuretic medicine so would like to know if there is anyone who was already on diuretic medicine and got some negative impact of consuming this Vinegar?

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  • Our own Indian ACV

    I have to say I almost bought Bragg's ACV before stumbling upon HealthVit ACV on Healthkart. I was surprised by how cheap it is and even more by the fact this is not just produced in India, it has the MOTHER too - the main product in ACV that makes it so much more nutritious than the distilled varieties. I have been using this on my skin as well as to drink every morning. So far, I can't comment on it weight loss benefits, but it has cleared up a pigmentation patch on my skin :) I need to try it out for another 2-3 months to be able to truly write about its curative abilities. The delivery was prompt and I received my product in a secure packing. Thanks :)

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  • very nice

    hi.i bought this apple cider vinegar few days back and i must say that its really great..enjoying every bit of it...

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  • A very good Product

    The first time I received this product was as a free gift with another purchase. After trying it out I've stuck along with this one. It has excellent health benefits and incredible in aiding weight loss. Also a very tasty add on for salads etc. Worth a try.

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  • ACV from Healthviva: Thumbs up !

    Well, this being my second review. It's been a month and a half, and ACV has instilled energy in me. I have indeed started feeling rejuvenated and positive in all ways (y)

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  • Healthviva Apple Cider Vinegar, 500 ml

    I feel it is an excellent product. Using it first time, the result may be faster from bottle.

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  • good products

    i bought apple cider vinegar from healthkart.com..the product was very good to use. thanks. regards renu mundhra.

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  • Good product :)

    i am using it from last 10 days. its good product. well i am new to use this vinegar so can't tell eaxtly wethr its working or not? will be back soon for full details about the product. :)

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  • good product

    im happy with the product and service very quick delivary

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