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    I first heard about Apple Ceder Vinegar in a health Book written by Doctor Don Colbert,MD. Since then i tried to find this product, but it is not found in my place. Thanks to HealthKart, that they bring it in a economic rate, now as per Dr. Don Colbert, the benefits of apple ceder Vinegar..... > It is a great detoxifier, have it daily, and you could feel a refreshing feelings in your body. Have it with bit chilled water. > It will reduce acidity and heart burn problem. > Fed up with sun burn? Apply Apple ceder Vinegar on skin just after coming from Sun... > It will help you to burn excess fat....have it daily if you want to loss weight without Diet ( remember the first three word of diet is "Die") >you can apply it on acne, rash, and will get an instant soothing effect... > Even you can take it with meal mixing with water, to boost digestion.....

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  • Amazing product

    If u r fat don't worry about it. Start to take this daily morning & night u will reduce weight. My unwanted fats r vanished. I feel so happy not too late to know about it. I am using it in my face pack & hair pack. Within 2 weeks u will see the difference. In a month I have reduced 3 kg. Gonna have it regularly. Good product. Without fear u can take it. No side effects.

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  • Use swadeshi for improving health

    Hi, I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar for quite sometime now. Undoubtedly, I've found benefits.most of the times, I was using Vit Shoppe or Bragg. I took a chance I decided to use ACV form India. This brand has worked as well as imported, costly ones. I certainly have switched over to ACV from Himalayan Apples. Would recommend the same to you.

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  • Nice one

    I have been using it regularly, I gave a feed back last month also. I find it very useful. It controls blood sugar, blood cholesterol, blood pressure and helps prevent cancer as well. Most of all it makes a wonderful health drink and delicious salads.

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  • Ordered Again !

    I have ordered again which clearly says that its really a good product. I have gained metabolism and could lose 2 kg hence.

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  • Awesome stuff!!!

    Dealing with adult acne since past 2 years. This is the Best-est thing for acne prone skin. It treated my acne 100%. I use it as a toner twice a day and I don't need to use any fancy and expensive products with this. Magic potion!

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    I've been using this product for more than 6 months now and i can see drastic change in myself . I wake up and drink this first thing in the morning and it gives you hit like coffee or tea .thanks healthkart

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    Wonderful product offered by healthkart at a very reasonable price. got it delivered in a nice package alongwith healthkart cardbox for extra safety. now, about the product, i have been using Apple cider vinegar for about an year, and i have noticed some drastic changes in my system. it reallyy makes your body more efficient in every field of day to day life, being it mentally or physicallyy, i have tried both. it greatly stimulates the efficiency of your body, and you can feel its magic in you in a span of 1 month of usage only. thanks healthkart, for being the only health website to provide ACV in the whole of india, and that too, at such a price.!! i have already ordered my next stock ;)

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  • AmAzInG PrOduCt

    Friends it is a good product. Ideal for weight loss. I lost 3 kg in 1 month. it can be also used for your skin, your hair(as a conditioner for silky & shiny hair)& salad dressings. it is useful for detoxify your body. Overall my experience is good. & ohhhh yes Health kart? your service and packing was too good and discounts also. Thank u Healthkart for a good ONLINE shopping experience thank u so much..

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  • Amazing Vinegar !!!!

    I have order 5th time from healthkart as this product is really effective i loss my weight i m really happy with this product ....still using this ...

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