HealthKart Protein,  2.2 lb  Chocolate
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HealthKart Protein, 2.2 lb Chocolate

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HealthKart Protein is a delicious chocolate flavoured protein drink. The perfect blend of soy, whey and casein proteins in HealthKart Protein fulfill protein deficiency in adults.


Protein deficiency is a widespread health concern. Almost 9 out of 10 Indians suffer from inadequate protein intake, as per the latest survey. Shortage of protein in the diet affects immunity, growth and well being. Weakness and hair fall are early symptoms of protein deficiency. In the long run, protein shortage even makes you insulin resistant, a starting point of the diabetes.

Know Your Protein Score?

Typical Daily Indian Diet

Total Protein from Diet

Actual Protein Required

Breakfast: Cereals, Glass of Milk

Approx. 30g

Approx. 55g

Lunch: 2 Roti, 1 bowl sabzi. 1 bowl daal

Dinner: 2 Roti, 1 bowl sabzi. 1 bowl daal



Average Daily diet provides you approx 30g of protein per day, which is much less than the required amount approx 55g

Should you worry? Yes, more so if you’re a vegetarian, as you’re at increased risk of protein deficiency. Moreover, your body can’t store protein, but needs it every day. A normal person requires a gram of protein per kg of body weight.

Benefits of Protein

In adults, proteins help heal wounds, prevent hair loss and weakness.

  • Energy & Strength

Protein is a vital nutrient for muscle repair and maintenance. Unlike carbs, it digests slowly, which provides energy throughout the day.

  • Builds Immunity

Antibodies, your body’s defence mechanism are composed of proteins and provide protection against illnesses. Proteins strengthen immunity by providing enough nutrients for repairing and nourishing antibodies.

  • Supports Fitness

All those who jog or workout,  need the support of protein. Rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids and Essential Amino Acids, protein reduces the damage caused to the muscle tissues and allows quick recovery.

  • Weight Loss

Protein reduces hunger and keeps you full and satisfied for a longer period. A high-quality protein with essential amino acids keeps metabolism active and helps to reduce belly fat.   

Don't go for just any protein. Try rich chocolate flavoured HealthKart Protein!

HealthKart Protein is the best quality protein. It is extracted from milk and soy and contains 3 premium proteins: soy, whey and casein. These proteins provide essential amino acids that your body can not synthesize and work to build immunity, strength and good health in men and women of all ages.

Each serving of HealthKart Protein provides 15g high-quality proteins in delicious chocolate flavour.  Loaded with the goodness of 27 vitamins and minerals, HealthKart Protein has PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) of 1.0, the highest value for any protein source.

Serving Suggestions: Add 2 heaping scoops (approx. 30g) of HealthKart Protein powder 1-2 times a day to a glass (250ml) of milk. Stir or shake well for a smooth blend. You can enjoy it either hot or cold. 

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Recent reviews

  • Didn't think it would work
    Tue Oct 16 05:38:14 IST 2018

    I didn't think this would work given how cheap it is compared to the others but HOLY SHIT! 1 month of this combined with a low carb diet(1 slice of bread a week only, everything else was just greens and lean meat), the transformation was insane!

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  • good for beginners
    Sat Jul 28 04:05:52 IST 2018

    it has descent amount of protein. if you workout hard and take good diet at home along with HK'll get great results within a month. only consuming protein shake is not enough until and unless you take proper diet at home and do good workout.

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  • Taste is good
    Mon Jul 02 00:53:59 IST 2018

    Today got my healthkart protein.taste is good.let see the results

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  • cheap and best
    Fri Jun 01 20:20:23 IST 2018

    it smells good but..!it taste less overall nice product .

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    Was this review helpful? Yes
    Sat May 05 16:15:59 IST 2018

    This protein is perfect for beginners, has enough carbohydrates and protein but the proteins are a mixture and thats why its okay for beginners and the price is also not too expensive i got two for 1600 which is a very good deal but if ur looking for a budget good quality to start with this is fine and use it with a good diet and youll surely get results

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