HealthViva 100% Natural Protein,  0.88 lb  Unflavoured
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HealthViva 100% Natural Protein, 0.88 lb Unflavoured

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Proteins are building blocks of the human body and are needed for growth, maintenance and repair of tissues. Since human body can’t store proteins, it’s essential to consume them daily.  The easily digestible, complete protein blend derived from soy, whey and casein in HealthViva 100% Protein helps build immunity, strength and good health in men and women of all ages.

Know Your Protein Score

A typical Indian diet, consisting of (roti, daal, sabji) provides 33g protein whereas 55g protein is required by the body. Protein deficiency is growing in Indians and 9 out of 10 Indians consume less protein than required. Adequate protein improves health, fitness, energy and well-being.

9 Essential Amino Acids

HealthViva Protein provides nine essential amino acids that human body can’t process but are critical to support muscle synthesis, bone growth, healthy nervous system, good mood in men and women.

High Quality & Quantity Protein

HealthViva Protein has PDCAAS (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) score of 1.0 which is the highest value for any protein source. 

*PDCAAS is the method of evaluating the protein quality on the basis of amino acid need and the ability to digest it.

Provides Strength

HealthViva Protein offers the highest quality and quantity protein to improve muscle recovery in fitness beginners and enhances strength and energy in individuals of all ages.

Builds Immunity

HealthViva Protein strengthens immunity by providing nine essential amino acids for the synthesis of antibodies, interferons that form key components of a strong and healthy immunity.

Include HealthViva 100% Protein in your meals and improve your health, fitness and immunity.

Serving Suggestion: Mix one heaping scoop of HealthViva 100% Natural Protein to One glass of milk, juice, water, shake or any beverage of your choice

You can also add one heaping scoop of neutral tasting HealthViva 100% Natural Protein to gravies, dal, soups or mix with flour to add goodness to your rotis

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  • Amazing Results : 80% proteins, Less Carbs and Zero Sugar!
    Sun Apr 23 16:12:15 IST 2017

    Personally, I have used Healthviva Milk+Plant Protein since 6 months. The results are amazing, You will get ripped off as it contains huge amount of protein per serving, low carbs and the best thing: Zero added sugar. No digestion issues found as in other brands. Contains great deal of amino acids for keeping the body healthy. Kudos for such a great product. The only downside is the fluctuating price, sometimes it is available at 1000/kg and sometimes at 2000/kg.

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  • Love the product
    Sun Apr 09 16:46:49 IST 2017

    Personally I love this product as it contains 80% of protein with low carbs as well as essential amino acids & vital vitamins but there's huge price rise just before 1 month I bought [email protected] and now price is 2000

    (See more)
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  • best protien
    Sun Feb 05 00:56:05 IST 2017

    low price n genuine products delivered very fast loved it

    (See more)
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  • 100% natural
    Sat Feb 04 02:44:04 IST 2017

    Good plant protein..n nt fake product jst like other protein suppliment

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  • nice product at good price
    Sun Jan 08 09:03:49 IST 2017

    mixes well, taste is neutral so you can add to anything and get that flavour. suitable for different diets as carb ratio is very less all u get is only protein

    (See more)
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